If you are new to systems thinking, then we suggest starting with either Donella Meadows book Thinking in systems or Systems Thinking the Basics: From Concepts to Causal Loops.

SiG Knowledge Hub has developed a section on Systems Thinking within the context of Social Innovation.  

Tim Draimin is the Executive Director of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) has also written two very informative blogs on Systems Thinking and Social Innovation. See links below. 

The Social Innovator’s Guide to Systems Thinking: Realizing the Ultimate Impact of Community-based Innovations

The Social Innovator’s Guide to Systems Thinking Part II: Rules for Innovators Leveraging Bigger Change

You may want to also visit the Waters Foundation website, they have done a lot of work on bringing Systems Thinking into schools.

Applied Systems thinking website

Academy for Systemic Change

Kumu is also an interesting website if you are interested in drawing systems. Click here. 

Resources for Modeling Systems 

The Systems Dynamics Society is a good place to see how other people use system dynamics and modeling.

A good introductory book on modeling systems is Andrew Ford’s – Modeling the Environment.

Some of the theory

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